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Dietitians play an integral role with many forms of diet related issues.

The scope of the modern dietitian is extremely broad and there is a strong body of evidence to suggest that diet and health through targeted eating and supplementation can have a significant effect on your overall wellbeing and recovery from weight or a specific illness/condition you may be suffering from.

The scope of the dietitian at Sportsmed Biologic can include;

  • meal planning for weight issues
  • meal planning for health issues including;+ diabetes + obesity + cardiac disease
  • working with the doctors with regards to suitable supplementation
  • elite sports and diet/meal plans

With the increasing evidence that suggests diet plays a major role in many disease processes, we have a strong focus on the dietitian’s role in many of the conditions treated at Sportsmed Biologic.

You can make an appointment to see our dietitians as required or if you are having a coordinated approach at Sportsmed Biologic you may see our dietitians in conjunction with our doctors and allied health team for a comprehensive and targeted rehabilitation program.

For further information on our services feel free to contact Sportsmed Biologic on 1300 858 860 or email us at and we will ensure a staff member will assist with your query.

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