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Pilates Reformer
11 Jun 2020
11 Jun 2020
by Catherine King

Clinical Pilates at Sportsmed BIologic

Clinical Pilates

Pilates in the clinical setting is an individualized form of exercise designed to improve control, optimize movement patterns and reduce risk of injury. First introduced by Joseph Pilates in the late 1800s and now developed into a sophisticated, evidence-based method, it is widely used in physiotherapy practice in the management of musculoskeletal injuries as well as improving sports and athletic performance.

Clinical Pilates at Sportsmed Biologic

Clinical pilates at SportsMed Biologic is run by a physiotherapist and utilizes pilates equipment including the reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair and small apparatus. Individualized clinical programs are developed by the physiotherapist tailored to suit clients injury status and functional goals. Clinical pilates is appropriate for all ages, skill level and functional capacity. 

Clinical pilates is best performed as a 1:1 session or small groups 1:3 to ensure good movement quality and efficacy of exercise. All clinical pilates sessions are claimable through private health insurance.

Pilates Assessment/ Physiotherapy Consult

At SportsMed Biologic, we recommend booking in with one of our physiotherapists for a pilates assessment, to formulate an exercise program individually tailored to you. Once completed, clients are taken through exercise program with the physiotherapist. A Pilates assessment is equivalent pricing to an initial physiotherapy consult and runs for 45 minutes. Once a pilates assessment has been completed, clients can discuss and enter preferred clinical pilates setting 1:1 or class structure moving forward. 

Clinical Pilates 1:1

Clients may prefer a 1:1 setting for clinical pilates. Session times are flexible and can run for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Costs for 1:1 sessions are equivalent to physiotherapy consult pricing. Clients looking to join a clinical pilates class may start with a 1:1 setting and transition to class setting.

Book your one-on-one Pilates class here

Clinical Pilates class 1:3

Clients who prefer a class setting can choose to enter a class. Sessions run for 45 minutes and have a maximum of 3 clients per class. Each client has an individual exercise program tailored to them, and is taken through exercises by the physiotherapist.


For further information on our services feel free to contact Sportsmed Biologic on 1300 858 860 or email us at and we will ensure a staff member will assist with your query.

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