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AFL legend Greg WIlliams ‘walking freely’ after using new arthritis treatment
5 Feb
AFL legend Greg WIlliams ‘walking freely’ after using new arthritis treatment
Osteoarthritis affects one in 11 Australians, and while many resort to joint replacements, a former AFL star has avoided the drastic measure.
5 Feb 2018
by Madeline Slattery - Nine Digital Pty Ltd 2018
Running Injury Prevention: Taking the Right Steps
21 Mar
Running Injury Prevention: Taking the Right Steps
Typical runner’s issues that we see at Sportsmed Biologic include plantar fasciitis, anterior knee pain, iliotibial band syndrome, and Achilles tendinopathy. No matter your personal motivations for running, it is imperative that your body is in peak physical condition to sustain the many forces placed upon the joints.
21 Mar 2017
by Jennifer Smallridge
Sydney Swans defender Aliir Aliir - Sporting News
17 Feb
Concussion in Sport: Mind Your Head
Dr Ruben Branson, our own sports physician and game day doctor for Sydney Swans, says that concussion can be particularly difficult to diagnose - especially in young athletes.
17 Feb 2017
by Jennifer Smallridge
AFLW Carlton
8 Feb
SMB Physiotherapists shine in AFL Women’s opening round
Sportsmed Biologic is proud to announce that two of our highly experienced physiotherapists are supporting the athletes of the AFL Women’s. Bec Huppert and Laura Fazzari have both secured roles with Western Bulldogs and Carlton FC respectively, and have been working tirelessly with the players and staff for months in preparation for the eight-week season.
8 Feb 2017
by Jennifer Smallridge
Training program for skiing
8 Jul
Get Fit to Ski at Sportsmed Biologic
Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned ski bunny, skiing certainly can take its toll on the body. Read on to discover how you can increase your ski fitness and come out of the season injury-free!
8 Jul 2016
by Jennifer Smallridge, Accredited Exercise Physiologist
FREE 15 minute Physio assessment
19 May
FREE 15 minute Physio Assessment
For a limted time only, we are offering a FREE 15 minute assessment with one of our physiotherapists for all new physio patients.
19 May 2016
Knee pain image
20 Apr
Radical treatment could put an end to knee surgery
A radical treatment for a common sporting injury could put an end to the need for knee replacements. Researches hope that reducing bone bruising in patients with torn cruciate ligaments will stop them developing painful osteoarthritis.
20 Apr 2016
by Patrick O'Halloran
Mirror Training
2 Dec
Graded Motor Imagery and its role in recovery from injury and pain.
A well planned graded exercise program is critical to recovery from most injuries. The use of Graded Motor Imagery has been shown to enhance recovery from a number of chronic pain conditions, and may have a role in improving return to function in a range of other rehabilitation processes.
2 Dec 2015
by Megan Davis, Psychologist
Tennis serve
18 Nov
The Role of 'Core Stability' for the Tennis Serve
The phrase "core stability" is commonly quoted and talked about, and recognised as an important aspect of physical performance and injury prevention. However it is often misinterpreted.
18 Nov 2015
by James de Leijer
Cambridge, England
9 Nov
Latest Practitioner Update - Mr Parminder J Singh (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Mr Parminder J Singh (Orthopaedic Surgeon) has recently returned from speaking at the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy Annual Conference in Cambridge, UK. This Scientific Conference attracts the leading Hip Arthroscopy Surgeons from around the world.
9 Nov 2015
by Sportsmed Biologic
Medial Malleolar Stress Fractures
29 Oct
Medial Malleolar Stress Fractures
Dr Branson gives a medical summary with literature review on an unusual but not to be missed cause for persisting ankle pain in athletes.
29 Oct 2015
by Dr Ruben Branson
Single Leg Squat Image
20 Oct
Glutes - Part 1, An Introduction
A common misconception I regularly encounter on a day to day basis as a Physiotherapist, is athletes concept of which muscles are the primary drivers in running. The answer I usually receive is the quadriceps and the calves.
20 Oct 2015
by Jay Anderson
meniscectomies for degenerative tears
18 Jun
Time to stop meniscectomies for degenerative tears: Practice must catch up with evidence
In 2002, a randomised controlled trial (RCT) in the New England Journal of Medicine made us all sit up and take note. The trial was remarkable because....
18 Jun 2014
by British Journal of Sports Medicine
Trent Hodkinson. Photo: Getty Images
27 May
State of Origin: Stem cells give new life to worn-out knees
Stem cells placed into the knees of Trent Hodkinson and Aaron Woods have helped resurrect their careers and has allowed them to leap into the representative arena. They both had severe knee problems which could have forced them into early retirement.
27 May 2014
by Michael Carayannis - Sydney Morning Herald
CAT Scan
11 Feb
Make concussion rest mandatory, study says
AFL players who are knocked unconscious or have to be carried from the field because of a head injury should face a mandatory week on the sidelines, according to an Australian-first study on football concussions.
11 Feb 2014
by Nathan Schmook (
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