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Tennis elbow
21 Jul
Efficacy of Shockwave Therapy on Lateral Epicondylosis
RSWT® combined with physical therapy resulted in significant pain reduction at each study checkpoint.
21 Jul 2022
by Tristan King
7 Jul
What are the benefits of laser therapy?
Musculoskeletal injuries are described by patients as highly painful, especially in their acute phase. Unfortunately opioid medication or sedative are still too often prescribed despite the risk of adverse events. To avoid any addictive form of pain management, EMS has developed the DolorClast® High Power Laser to offer a non-invasive, effective yet safe solution to patients suffering from acute phase or those having a low-tolerance threshold of pain.
7 Jul 2022
by Sportsmed Biologic
Bingxuan He
18 Feb
New Physiotherapist - Bingxuan "Bing" He
New physiotherapist. We are super excited to have Bing join us at Sportsmed Biologic.
18 Feb 2022
by Sportsmed Biologic
Knee Pain
20 Jul
Do you have knee pain?
nSTRIDE injection is an autologous protein solution (APS) containing anti-inflammatory cytokines and anabolic growth factors. It is one of the latest biologic regenerative treatments used in treating knee osteoarthritis.
20 Jul 2021
Pilates - good for you
4 Jun
10 Reasons Why Pilates Is For You
Pilates is a form of exercise that is suitable for just about anyone. It uses a system of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and is designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility and overall physical fitness, and mental well-being.
4 Jun 2021
by Cat King
11 Mar
Concussion HQ
Our sports physicians undertake a battery of physical and cognitive tests as well as computerised neurocognitive assessment to obtain an accurate diagnosis to best determine management. We have access to state of the art diagnostic approaches including the COGNIGRAM system used in the AFL.
11 Mar 2021
Pilates Reformer
11 Jun
Clinical Pilates at Sportsmed BIologic
Clinical pilates at SportsMed Biologic is run by a physiotherapist and utilizes pilates equipment including the reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair and small apparatus. Individualized clinical programs are developed by the physiotherapist tailored to suit clients injury status and functional goals. Clinical pilates is appropriate for all ages, skill level and functional capacity.
11 Jun 2020
by Catherine King
Compartment Pressure Testing
25 May
Compartment Pressure Testing
This test may be required if you have activity-related lower limb pain, especially pain that does not respond to conservative management.
25 May 2020
by Dr Krishant Naidu
16 Apr
Our response to COVID-19
The services we provide are essential and help these people remain active and fit. Therefore, we will be continuing to operate during the pandemic through both face-to-face and telehealth.
16 Apr 2020
by Dr Ruben Branson
frozen shoulder
2 Dec
Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) is a condition characterized by progressive pain and stiffness. It is more common in 40-60-year-olds and females are more commonly affected. It can affect both shoulders in 15% of patients.
2 Dec 2019
by Dr Krishant Naidu
CAT Scan
24 Apr
Concussion Management
An important part of treating a concussion is recognizing it early & stopping any further activity. Concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain, which is generally associated with contact sports. While it is true that concussion can occur from sports, there can also be a non-sports related concussion.
24 Apr 2019
by Dr. Sam Harkin
Perineural Injection
4 Aug
Perineural Injection Treatment (Prolotherapy)
safe and effective treatment for painful conditions due to sport and occupation or other chronic non-malignant pain related issues
4 Aug 2018
Andrew Walker is frustrated by the AFL's public stance on the pain treatment. Picture: Michael Klein.
7 Apr
Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals achieves pain treatment win with AFL players
AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan says the league has no ­issues with footballers using a painkilling drug that is still under clinical trial.
7 Apr 2018
by Courtney Walsh - The Australian
AFL legend Greg WIlliams ‘walking freely’ after using new arthritis treatment
5 Feb
AFL legend Greg WIlliams ‘walking freely’ after using new arthritis treatment
Osteoarthritis affects one in 11 Australians, and while many resort to joint replacements, a former AFL star has avoided the drastic measure. Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (PPS) treatment by Phil Bloom at Spoortsmed Biologic Box Hill.
5 Feb 2018
by Madeline Slattery - Nine Digital Pty Ltd 2018
Running Injury Prevention: Taking the Right Steps
21 Mar
Running Injury Prevention: Taking the Right Steps
Typical runner’s issues that we see at Sportsmed Biologic include plantar fasciitis, anterior knee pain, iliotibial band syndrome, and Achilles tendinopathy. No matter your personal motivations for running, it is imperative that your body is in peak physical condition to sustain the many forces placed upon the joints.
21 Mar 2017
by Jennifer Smallridge
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