DolorClast® High Power Laser
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DolorClast® High Power Laser

DolorClast® High Power Laser

Musculoskeletal injuries are described by patients as highly painful, especially in their acute phase. Unfortunately opioid medication or sedative are still too often prescribed despite the risk of adverse events.

To avoid any addictive form of pain management, EMS has developed the DolorClast® High Power Laser to offer a non-invasive, effective yet safe solution to patients suffering from acute phase or those having a low-tolerance threshold of pain.

Shed light to blind pain & regenerate:

  • No opioids
  • No sedatives
  • No pain

What is the best wavelength for laser therapy?

Wavelengths comprised between 650nm and 1350 nm are known as the “therapeutic window”. Within this frame, wavelengths penetrate deep in the tissues as they are not much absorbed by water, blood and melanin and can therefore trigger biological mechanisms.

Within the therapeutic window, 905nm wavelength has been specifically chosen for the DolorClast® High Power Laser for its ability to be less absorbed by water (and therefore oedema often characteristic of acute inflammation), blood and melanin.


No more pain - how does the body react to DolorClast ® High Power Laser treatment?

A nociceptor (from latin ‘nocere’ = ‘to harm’) is a sensory neuron located at nerve endings that responds to damaging or potentially damaging stimuli by sending a threat signal to the spinal cord and brain. If the impulse is perceived as a threat, it creates the sensation of pain to focus attention to the body part, so the danger can hopefully be mitigated.

905 nm laser light exhibits the unique property of ‘switching off’ the aforemen-tioned nociceptors after only 3 minutes of irradiation [3]. Thanks to the special-ly selected wavelength, the DolorClast ® High Power Laser provides a quick and strong analgesic effect without the need for conventional painkillers.

How long does a DolorClast ® High Power Laser treatment session last?

This depends on the pathology and the chosen course of treatment (that is, whether the DolorClast ® High Power Laser is combined with the use of other GDT devices). It also depends on the practitioner’s decision as to whether the treatment should be carried out manually or automatically. Once all these considerations are factored in, sessions can last from 3 to 30 minutes. DolorClast ® High Power Laser offers a special pre-set 3-minute protocol to tackle pain quickly - an ideal solution prior to starting DolorClast ® Shock Waves Treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

A powerful analgesic effect will be felt 5 minutes after the end of the DolorClast ® High Power Laser treatment and is likely to last up to 72h. In addition, the decrease of acute inflammation kicks in 60 minutes after the end of the laser session, leading to quick absorption of edema and faster healing in the damaged tissue. 

905nm wavelength


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