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20 Apr 2016
20 Apr 2016
by Patrick O'Halloran

Radical treatment could put an end to knee surgery

Dr Nicholas van Wetering interviewed on a new radical treatment which could put an end to knee surgery.

Source: 7 News Tuesday 19th April 2016


A radical treatment for a common sporting injury could put an end to the need for knee replacements. Researches hope that reducing bone bruising in patients with torn cruciate ligaments will stop them developing painful osteoarthritis.


Netballer Jo Ewart had that sinking feeling when she fell in the goal circle during a recent game.

Jo Ewart "as I went down, my knee twisted, and the next think I knew I was on the ground holding my knee"


MRI test results revealed Jo had ruptured her ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament), an injury footballers and netballers dread.

Jo Ewart "Basically, that's 12months out of netball from the time of surgery"

Studies have shown serious knee injuries also cause bad bone bruising and despite having surgery the brusing remains untreated and can cause long term joint problems.

Dr Nick van Wetering "We think now that those bone bruises are associated with the development of cartilage breakdown which leads to osteoarthritis of the knee"


Now doctors have joined with biotech company paradigm to trial a drug that was originally used to treat deep vein thrombosis, they hope it will reduce the bruising and eliminate osteoarthritis in the future.

Dr Nick van Wetering "For what we are treating here is the bone bruises and what the effects of those could be down the track"


There are more than 1 million sports injuries in australia every year many of those knee injuries. If successful this new treatment could reduce the need for many thousands of knee replacements.

Jo has been having two injections every week and already feels some relief.

Jo Ewart "It's got steadily better over this past month"


To join the knee injury trial, go to our website for details.


- Karen O'Sullivan, 7 News. 


Watch the interview here:


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